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In addition to reviewing this Statement, please read our Legal Notice. Your use of constitutes your agreement to the terms and conditions in the Notice. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Highroad Management LLC (“Highroad”) takes seriously the issue of safeguarding your privacy on-line. We have created this Privacy Statement in order to better familiarize you with our information gathering and dissemination practices for the website, so that you will understand our practices regarding this matter, and how they pertain to you as you make full use of our offerings.

What Information Is Collected About You And How Do We Use It?

While in the process of browsing our website, you also provide us with information which doesn’t reveal your personal identity–what type of destination you’re seeking information about, for example. We use this aggregated, anonymous data mainly for editorial purposes, but we don’t connect it to any name, address, or other identifying information.

While you explore our website for the information that interests you, you may wish to put in a specific “Information Request” about Highroad, or you may wish to participate in one of our on-line surveys or promotions. To respond to this request or to participate in our various programs, we may ask you for your name, zip/postal code, e-mail address, and phone number. In the event you choose to provide us with this information, we will only use it for the purpose we have specified to you unless you request otherwise. Further, we will only e-mail you if you want us to–you can choose a number of methods by which to receive a reply to a request. Transmittal of your personal data shall constitute your acknowledgment and agreement to the terms and conditions contained in this Privacy Statement. And if you don’t want to give us this information over the internet, that’s fine too. You can always call our office for more details.

If you wish, you may also submit your e-mail address in order to be placed on a subscription list or to receive other information. You will be placed on these lists unless you indicate your desire not to be included. In deciding whether or not to join such lists, please note that they are only used for internal purposes–we do not sell or rent our lists to anyone. In the event you choose to join one of our lists, you may request to be removed from the list at any time.

We will never share any of your personally identifying data with any other party without your express permission, nor use it for unapproved commercial purposes.

What Information Is Secure And What Isn’t?

We always take the utmost care to ensure that the data we obtain from you is not used in a way that you may be unaware of or not agreeable to. For example, due to the personal nature of the information you give when making a reservation, the reservation system is secure, such that your credit card number is protected. However, there are a few special cases worth noting when you are contemplating giving personal information to us.

It is important to note that any e-mail communication to and from our site is not secure. This is a risk inherent in the use of e-mail. Please be aware of this when requesting information or sending forms to us by e-mail (from the “Contact Us” section of the site). We recommend that you do not include any confidential information when using the e-mail forms on the site (for example, do not provide credit card numbers here). For your protection, our e-mail responses to you will not include any confidential information.

Policy Modifications and Contacting the Company

We hope that this privacy policy adequately explains our commitment to guarding against the misuse and abuse of any personal information you may wish to give us. This Privacy Policy may be modified from time to time; notice of changes will appear on this page, so check back often. However, any such change will always be prospective, never retroactive.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact:

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PO Box 51389
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